Current Trends of Women’s Watches

The latest trends in fashion watches are definitely something special this season and they will definitely surprise you not just with the designs but also the attitude they inspire. It seems that watches have become more than just accessories, they are fashion statements any woman needs to have around when wearing something really fancy.

Even if you choose a watch for every day wear you will still have to respect the casual trends if you want to be fashionable.

There are three styles trending nowadays: charm watches, vintage watches and silicone-minimalist watches.

A charm watch is a great way to wear something that also looks like a cool jewelry. They come in various styles and you can usually attach various charms to it if you ever get bored of the design. These are definitely the best solution for someone who is not looking for the classy type of watch but something that will definitely stand out and completely enhance her outfit. Charm watches can come in various materials, from really expensive ones made with precious materials, to those made with low cost materials that you can even find in a thrift shop.

Vintage-antique looking watches are another trend that you might like, especially if you are into more classy looking watches. Actually, you can get a watch that is antique if you want something genuine and they can usually be found in various antique shops for low prices. Antique watches have various characteristics such as big metal chunks and certain bronze, silver or even golden color. They will also feature chains and various charms attached to it depending on the period they were made. If you are looking to buy a really old antique watch you can definitely buy a watch that goes around your neck like a pocket watch. They are very trendy nowadays especially if they come with cool designs.

If you are looking for the minimalist and casual everyday watch, you should definitely go for the silicone strap watch. It’s easy to have around, you can clean it in a few seconds and it’s a great addition to an urban casual look.