Wedding Dress Trends

You are about to get married and, naturally, you want to make the best of this special life event. They say this day is about how you feel, about love, family and good friends. And all that are true. But I am sure that every future bride primary thinks about how she will look like in her gown, and every woman wants to be the main (even the only) point of attraction in this special day. And we are right, this is our day and we want to capture the groom and the guests attention, to look like supermodels in the pictures and to be remembered as the most beautiful bride of all times.

Photo Source: Constantin Butuc Studio

So if you really want to remain in everyone`s thoughts and memories, maybe you need to dare thinking at a more non-conventional type of wedding dress, an extravagant modern one.

The bridal catwalk keeps the pace with our medley modern society, so this particular type of wedding gowns proposals will blow your mind and make you re-think the whole classic bridal gown concept.

Be prepared to forget about the immaculate white or the classic sober cuts and dare to imagine yourself wearing Pantone`s Color Institute colors of the year. In 2016 you can choose from two different queen colors: Rose Quartz and Serenity blue. It is the pastels comeback and those two colors look like the perfect mix match event together.

Naeem Khan has some wonderful designs that you can choose from. His strapless dresses in Serenity blue look gorgeous on any kind of skin color or tone, and the legerity of the silk and tulle will give you a vernal air even in a cold winter. The look is fresh and you may consider renouncing at the classic bun for a more tousled one. You can even let your hair loose for a more natural kind of look.

Simple and fresh is also the blush pink drop-waist with A-line skirt dress form Angel Sanchez collection that can make even a mature woman look young and breezy. Or be a pink princess wearing Pronovia`s sweetheart neckline in tulle with pink underlay wedding dress.

Photo Source: Vogue

Or how about a statement dress. A black statement dress by Vera Wang, the center point of her spring/summer 2016 bridal show. It`s an all-black strapless sweetheart gown with top-crop bodice and ostrich-feather skirt, Black Swan all the way.

You can even Say yes to the pants if you are so much bolder than colorful wedding dresses. If that’s the case, you can go for a chic white tuxedo suit from Carolina Herrera, Pamella Roland or Rivini. They come in various fabrics and forms, from airy, silky textures to cropped styles. It will solve all your comfort issues and you don`t have to compromise on style.

As you can see, there are options for every future bride needs. If you feel the impulse to step aside from the traditional wedding gown you can do that without any fear. No need to sacrifice the classic bride dress style if you don`t want to, you can choose a classic cut in a non-white color, making a detour from the beiges or ivory colors and going for shades of pink, blue, lavender or even black. It’s all truly depending on what you want, what is your definition of a wedding dress, how you get along with sacrificing the comfort for the love of style. Just set your priorities straight and choose your perfect wedding outfit.

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