Beach Summer Clothes

This summer it is all about shape, colors and functionality, especially when you are headed to the beach or pool. More than ever, fashion and style are a women’s most prized possessions and if you want to look glamorous at the beach then you should read the below guide on this year’s trends.

  1. One-piece swimsuit

I know that until recently, a one-piece swimsuit was considered something that our mothers would wear at the beach. But these days, opting for a one-piece swimsuit isn’t just a way of covering up as much as possible. It is currently one of the sexiest and stylish choices. Forget about your two piece swimsuit and go for a maillot with eye-catching prints, strategic cut-outs or fringes.

  1. Roomy beach tote

No one can argue about this, a beach bag must be roomy enough to accommodate all your beach essentials, like sunscreen, towel and paperback. But we can’t compromise looks for size, right? This is why in 2015 your roomy beach tote needs to reflect the hottest trends- tiny flowers, nautical stripes or bold color blocks.

  1. Lively cover-up

This year, it is time to get creative with some of the most beautiful and colorful cover-ups. Usually, when stepping out of the water, women throw on a T-shirt or tie a towel around their waist. Why not opt for a breezy, lively colored cover-up? Choose any style that offers you enough coverage to feel comfortable when heading to a beachside café for cocktails or an ice tea.

  1. Wide-brimmed hat

When you’re at the beach you must not forget to cover your head with a stylish hat that is able to also contribute to your look with an irresistible glam factor. A wide—brimmed hat is perfect for this. I know that you probably think that straw hats are boring, but this isn’t necessarily true. If you opt for one that has a unique shape, fun colors and a dramatic design then you will look sensational.

  1. Fabric headband

If you aren’t such a huge fan of hats then you can go for a fun headband. Just pull back your hair by using a wide fabric headband and your feminine locks will be stylishly out of your face and it will allow others to see your adorable features.

  1. Oversized sunglasses

I am sure that you can agree that oversized sunglasses are the coolest beach accessories around. These aren’t just a way of adding a glamorous touch to your beach outfit, but also a way of protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. In 2015, the trendiest choice you could make when buying a new pair of sunglasses is shield style sunglasses or large Jackie O-type shades.

  1. Watch

At the beach is probably the only moment when you don’t consider your phone as a necessity, when it inconveniences you more than ever and when you actually need a watch for telling time. This is why you need to include a white water resistant watch on your list of beach necessities. This beautiful accessory will accompany you even when you are swimming and you want to check the hour.

  1. Sandals

This summer, rubber flip flops are out so do yourself a service and leave those at home. You can replace them with a beautiful pair of jeweled thong sandals. Among the most popular styles are flat sandals in citrus colors- tangerine, lemon green or lemon yellow.

  1. Earrings

If you want to include earrings to your outfit then make sure these are pretty bold.  Pick a giant pair of hoop earrings or some with oversized colorful stones. The ones you choose to wear need to be a clear statement that when it comes to fashion you are fearless.

  1. Sunscreen

Besides clothing, accessories and shoes, at the beach you need to dress up with lots of sunscreen. Apply it on every inch of your body every two hours and each time you step out of the water. Don’t forget this very important detail because if you burn your skin then no matter what you wear at the beach your look will be anything but glamorous.

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