Quiksilver Dresses and Beachwear

Are you ready for summer? If not, it’s probably time to buy some new beach wear to look fabulous during your vacation this year. Quiksilver offers a wide range of beautiful dresses for those who want to look chic and cute while having fun on the beach this summer. There are some available on their main website but the place where you should take a look is Roxy, which is their women’s clothing line, along with DC Shoes for amazing accessories and other types of clothing.


For a beautiful boho chic look, the dresses at Roxy are definitely something you want to wear. They are perfect for a day at the beach and even for a nice lunch during a hot day of summer. You will find them to be extremely unique and quite colorful, so if you like a more hippie style you should definitely check them out. There are a few that will also go well with a more neutral and casual look so check out their collection of savage strapless dresses ; these particular dresses come in a variety of colors, and although they don’t have a mix of hippie style colors, they are very suitable for all day wear.

For those who are looking for a more innocent looking long dress the All Washed Out dresses are quite classy for the beach. If you are looking for something in the same style but with a more hippie look to them, there are a few maxi dresses that you will absolutely love: the Casino Point, a lovely turquoise maxi dress that will keep all eyes glued on you; the Lookout Point, an interesting flowery maxi dress for those who want to have a romantic look; and the First Love dress, an absolute must for those who want to be elegant and comfortable. They come in shades of blue and white with stripes for that beautiful navy style. For something innocent for those who prefer short dresses the South Side dresses are absolutely lovely.  There are two versions here, one with a crude green bottom half and a white and striped upper half, while the other has the same pattern only with a lovely sapphire blue color.

If you are going at a party on the beach, then you must dress accordingly, so Roxy offers a wide range of interesting dresses to choose from.  The Tidal Wave Tank dress is a perfect choice for that girl next door look. Pair it up with a lovely hair do and you have yourself the perfect party dress for your beach gathering.

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