What Accessories are We Wearing this Summer

Summer is the best season for showing off your flawless style. Of course, designers are well aware of this so at the beginning of this year they have launched some of the best fashion trends ever, and jewelry isn’t an exception. It represents one of the most anticipated and discussed trends and countless women are anxious to find out what they will be wearing during the warm seasons. So prepare your best outfits and find out how you can mix and match them with the most exquisite jewelry of 2015. With these fine accessories you will shine like a star this summer.


Relic Pendants

These pendants are the most innovative and creative trends that were launched this season. The materials, the shapes and colors used for creating relic pendants are quite spectacular and interesting. They inspire us to be bold and modern when creating our outfits. And one thing is certain- they represent the perfect statement jewelry for a unique beach look.

Wooden Jewelry

Wood is one of the most simple and traditional materials used for jewelry. This is why; designers have reinvented the classic concept of wooden jewelry by adding asymmetrical forms, abstract symbols and innovative details to every single piece they’ve launched this year. Just imagine a breezy silky summer dress, a wide-brimmed hat, large sunglasses and statement wooden earrings- a look that will surely turn heads at the beach.

Bejeweled and Beaded Jewelry

This summer it is all about color and one way to emphasize this is by wearing oversized jewelry with extravagant and lavishing jewels and beads. This will turn you into a very chic appearance on the white sand beaches, especially if you opt for jewelry with unusual shapes, color combos and materials.

Metallic Bracelets

Metallic bracelets are a very cool trend this summer. The most modern and creative interpretations of the classic metallic bracelet focus on stripy motives, minimalistic lines, bold colors and powerful prints. These accessories are designer to capture your imagination and help you define some of the most stylish looks you have ever worn under the bright sun rays.

Natural Stones

Jewelries with natural stones are uber stylish in asymmetrical and oversized forms, catchy color combinations and feminine details. Basically, in 2015, if you want to wear a unique piece of jewelry that will represent the statement piece of your outfit, we recommend trying a necklace or some earrings with natural stones.

Statement Earrings

What better season to experiment than summer? Try a pair of earrings in the most interesting colors, shapes and forms to add an extra stylish vide to your beach outfit. The diversity of textures, materials and color combinations is really impressive this season and the more unique your earrings are the more fashionable you’ll look.

Upper Arm Bracelets and Cuffs

The most interesting trend this year is the return of the upper arm bracelets and cuffs. These fresh and modern accessories dare us to go over the top with our summer outfits by opting for golden shades, huge forms, white pearls and innovative textures.

Hippie Jewelry Pieces

You got to admit it. The beach is the perfect place to try some hippie inspired influences and the easiest way you can do this is with some hippie inspired jewelry. The diversity of shapes and colors is impressive and our favorites are- circular shapes, jewel hanging jewelry, colorful fringed necklaces and feather details.

Statement Watches

A day at the beach is the perfect occasion for wearing a beautiful and stylish watch. With a waterproof wristwatch in an unusual and extravagant shape you can impress everyone you meet on the warm sands.

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